4T/Equilibrium Media is a boutique international sales agency and active coproducer.

We aim to bring enthralling, impactful content worth the Audiences’ time and promote strong narratives that bring commercial elements to independent productions.

At our 34T/IP/WT labels, we focus on three content labels:

1.   Thirst for Thrill – genre movies that incorporate vital thrill elements that will become favorites in the noir, terror, and fantastic arenas.
2.   Indie Planet – focus on Sci-fi comedy films that take us to the gravity-free space afforded by a hint of good humor.
3.   And World-Tour, our Globe Sustainable Element that sheds light on subjects of the world viewed from the window of good content that travels and love for music and literature.

If promoted and exploited correctly, we have developed a keen eye to attract curated titles with plenty of artistic and commercial value.

​We work as partners, and our objective is to achieve 1. Artistic recognition for the director, talent, and production houses; 2. Engage the audiences through our outstanding, original story-telling proposals and 3. value for money generation for our partners and investors.

​We offer dedicated services, and our unique selling points are transparency, access to talent, and innovative marketing. Our services include in-house technical and creative expertise, marketing, distribution, public financing. Equally, we bring a suite of services, including VFX, MOCAP, actual studios space, and postproduction. And worldwide networking to suit the needs of our originals.

Partner with our company and let’s team up in the leading international film markets and festivals. 

34T/Equilibrium (Elamedia Group).

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E- info@34-t.com

T- 13392061983

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