34T, Thirst-4-Thrill, is a boutique international sales agency and active co-producer. We have a thirst for thrill, emotion, engagement, tell stories.
​The goal of our company is threefold: 1. Achieve top recognition for the Director, Artistic, Technical Team, and the Production House; 2. Create awareness and generate retention to foster top Viewership to achieving maximum spread, no country or population is small, and 3. Value for Money, maximize your revenue potential, that of our clients. ​

We curate quality genre content, promote local stories with an international appeal to maximize value. Some stories need to be told; new voices need to be heard, hear what unrepresented peoples have to say from their perspective. We value the worth of emotional experience that our films offer. We have developed a keen eye to attract lesser-known titles, which hold plenty of artistic and commercial value. Our company covers the leading global film markets and some others of strategic importance. ​

Our unique selling points are transparency, access to talent, and traditional and innovative marketing. These points include in-house technical and creative expertise, financial opportunities, festival accompaniment, distribution, edge marketing, and international projection.

We support our producers by:
1.   Supporting the inscription and participation in A and more targeted festivals depending on the title.
2.   Participation in the main physical and online markets worldwide, promotion of our branded content, and avails sent to our network of clients.
3.   Designing the windowing strategy better suited to each title.
4.   Direct access to the leading platforms and through placement on niche platforms.
5.   Through traditional and transmedia marketing focusing on awareness-raising and customer engagement and retention.
6.   Direct to Customers sales through our OTT, website and PVOD, and TVOD.
7.   Through our network of specialized distributors to reach smaller, more targeted segments to maximize outreach.

​In essence, our commitment is to offer high value to our producers, clients, and investors and seek to maximize profit and the projection of our artistic partners and distributors worldwide and create engaging products or cultural and commercial value. And we do it as a team with content creators, talent, and distributors. ​

At 34T, we understand the time takes to put up a successful production, and we want to contribute; we will walk the walk with you to achieve success.

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T- 13392061982

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