David Martín de los Santos - Drama, Coming of Age, Road Movie, 104' - Goya Nominee, TIFF Tokyo, TIFF Cluj, Cine Global Santo Domingo, remarkable festival run with several awards for Best Actress and Best First Director.



Fiction, Drama

1h 47m

Maria's stable, retired life drastically changes when the condition of a young patient sharing a hospital room abruptly worsens. This road movie celebrates human dignity with the ageless possibilities of life.


Two Spanish women from different generations coincide in a hospital room in Belgium. María (Petra Martínez) has been living there for decades after emigrating when she was young, and Verónica (Anna Castillo) is a girl recently arrived in search of opportunities she never found in Spain. A strange friendship is forged between them which will lead María to set out on a return journey to the south of Spain with an unusual mission. What begins as a journey in search of Verónica's roots will become an opportunity to question certain principles on which she had based her life.

Cast: PETRA MARTÍNEZ (Solitary Fragments & Petra), ANNA CASTILLO (Icíar Bollaín’s THE OLIVE TREE), Florin Piersic Jr., Ramón Barea, Daniel Morilla, María Isabel Díaz, Pilar Gómez, Victoria Sáez, Annick Weerts, Christophe Miraval


Spain National Cinema Academy Goya Runner-Up for Best Leading Actress and Best First Film; Platino Awards Candidate - Best Actress and Best First Film

IFTA Accredited Festivals:

  • 33rd TIFF-Tokyo (World Debut); 

  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Cluj, Romania;

  • Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo, Domenican Republic;



  • Rabat International Author Film Festival (upcoming in February 2022);

  • Festival de Cinema Espagnol, Nantes, France (upcoming in March 2022);

  • Festival de Cine Espanol y Latino Americano, Ajaccio, France (upcoming in March 2022);


  • European Film Festival, Singapour (upcoming in May 2022).


  • 17thSeville European Film Festival, Best Actress (Petra Martinez); ASECAN, Best Film & Best Actress (Petra Martinez);

  • 20th Transylvania International Film Festival, Best Actress (Petra Martinez);

  • Golden Rooster FF, China, Best Actress (Petra Martinez);

  • 25thMalaga Film Festival; (Special Screening); Biznaga Paradise City,  Best International Career (Petra Martinez);

  • Liverpool International Film Festival. Best Film of the Festival, Best Feature, Best Director and Actress; 

  • Festival de la crítica Cinematográfica de Caracas, Best Actress (Petra Martinez);

  • FEROZ Press Critiques Award, Best Actress (P. Martinez); 

  • Cinehorizontes, Marseille FF, Audience Award, Youth Award, & Best Actress Award;  

  • Abycine,Best Movie & Best Young Acting Career (Anna Castillo);  

  • Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, Egypt, Best Actress (Petra Martinez) & Best Opera Prima (David de los Santos);  

  • CEC Medals, Best New Director (David Martin De Los Santos);

  • Carmen del Cine Andaluz Film Awards, Best Acting Award (Petra Martínez), Best New Director Award (David Martin De Los Santos)

  • XV Festival de Cine Inédito de Mérida, Youth Award; 

  • Almeria International Film Festival 2020, 2nd Best First Film & Canal Sur Best Career (Petra Martinez);

  • Tudela First Film Festival, Equality Award; 

  • Casares New Andalusian Context, Best Director (David Martin de los Santos);


  • A rapturously moving debut." SCREEN   DAILY; 

  • "A gem" HARPER'S BAZAAR; "Surprising   and deeply moving" THE PLAYLIST; 

  • “Heartbreakingly tender." ELLE; 

  • "An   actress in a state of grace." CINEMANIA; 

  • "An   illuminating glimmer about the possibility of reinventing   oneself." CINEUROPA; 

  • "Fantastic", ECARTELERA;   

  • “Resounding success both for the depth of its story and for the   liveliness of its characters" VAVEL