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    FIDBA 2-11 December 2021 NATPE 18-20 January 2022 EFM 10-17 Feb 2022 Ventana Sur 29 November - 3 December 2021 MIPTV 4-6 April 2021 MIA 13-17 October 2021 MIPCOM | MIP JUNIOR 11-14 October 2021 MAFIZ 20-22 October 2021 TIFFCOM 30 October - 11 November 2021 AMERICAN FILM MARKET 1-5 December 2021 TOKYO FILM FESTIVAL 31 October - 9 November TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 10 - 19 Septiember 2020


    SPACE PYJAMAS Clara Martínez-Lázaro - RomCom - 80' 2021 Spain Romantic Comedy 80 ​ SYNOPSIS A couple is going through a crisis but after a fight they just go to bed. During the night they dream different versions of what their relationship could be like. FESTIVAL S


    My Items I'm a title. ​Click here to edit me. SPACE PYJAMAS Clara Martínez-Lázaro - RomCom - 80' More TRINTA LUMES Diana Toucedo - Mistery Thriller Doc, 80' - Berlinale Panorama More MANTÍCORA Carlos Vermut More ​ ​ More ​ ​ More ​ ​ More TRES VECES (THRICE) Paco Ruiz, LGTBQ Thriller, 20' More VACIO (EMPTINESS) Paul Venegas - Dramatic Thriller. 92' - Busan, Bafici Award, Oscar's Candidate Ecuador More WANDERING, A ROHINGHYA STORY Mélanie Carrier and Oliver Higgins, Human Rights Doc, 88' - Canadian Screen Award More DEAR WERNER Pablo Maqueda, Cinematography Doc, 80' - Torino, Chicago Children's Film Festival More MAD IN XPAIN Coke Rioboo - Satiry Sci-Fi. Stop Motion 13' More LA MALA FAMILIA (BAD FAMILY) Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo - Enacted Urban Doc. 80' More


    THESE DAYS Diego Llorente 2014 España ​ ​ ​ SYNOPSIS ​ FESTIVAL S


    THE FUTURE Luis López Carrasco 2013 España ​ ​ ​ SYNOPSIS ​ FESTIVAL S


    10.000 NOWHERE NIGHTS Ramón Salazar, Coming-of-age drama, 113' 2013 España Fiction 1h 53 ​ SYNOPSIS The story of a son who is afraid of everything. Overwhelmed by his dull life, one day he decides to flee. He starts a journey to nowhere, living other lives. And he finds out that if one day you no longer want to grow, it's not all that bad. You just have to learn to fly, to fly far away. It's a story about taking important decisions; and about how each time we make a choice, somewhere within us we make exactly the opposite one. FESTIVAL S 2nd Best First Film Award


    THRICE Paco Ruiz, LGTBQ Thriller, 20' 2020 SPAIN, MEXICO Thriller LGTBQ+ 20m ​ SYNOPSIS Mario is at home alone. His parents are gone and it will take them a while to return. Enough time for their son to arrange a sex date on the Internet with a total stranger. FESTIVAL S Malaga Film Festival 2021 (Special Screening)


    PLANET ASPERGER María Barroso & Ricardo de Gracia - Social Doc, 85' 2016 España Documentary 1h 25m ​ SYNOPSIS A documentary about Asperger syndrome that will teach you we don't all take the same journey towards happiness FESTIVAL S Youth Award