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    My Items I'm a title. ​Click here to edit me. LA INMENSIDAD Y CARL SAGAN Clara Martínez-Lázaro - RomCom - 80' More TRINTA LUMES Diana Toucedo - Mistery Thriller Doc, 80' - Berlinale Panorama More ​ ​ More ​ ​ More ​ ​ More ​ ​ More TRES VECES (THRICE) Paco Ruiz, LGTBQ Thriller, 20' More VACIO (EMPTINESS) Paul Venegas - Dramatic Thriller. 92' - Busan, Bafici Best Latin American Film, Oscar's Candidate by Ecuador, Platinum Awards Runner Up. More WANDERING, A ROHINGHYA STORY Mélanie Carrier and Oliver Higgins, Human Rights Doc, 88' - Canadian Screen Award More DEAR WERNER Pablo Maqueda, Cinematography Doc, 80' - Torino, Chicago Children's Film Festival More MAD IN XPAIN Coke Rioboo - Satiry Sci-Fi. Stop Motion 13' More LA MALA FAMILIA (BAD FAMILY) Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo - Enacted Urban Doc. 80' More


    10.000 NOWHERE NIGHTS Ramón Salazar, Coming-of-age drama, 113' 2013 España Fiction 1h 53 ​ SYNOPSIS The story of a son who is afraid of everything. Overwhelmed by his dull life, one day he decides to flee. He starts a journey to nowhere, living other lives. And he finds out that if one day you no longer want to grow, it's not all that bad. You just have to learn to fly, to fly far away. It's a story about taking important decisions; and about how each time we make a choice, somewhere within us we make exactly the opposite one. FESTIVAL S 2nd Best First Film Award


    DEAR WERNER Pablo Maqueda, Cinematography Doc, 80' - Torino, Chicago Children's Film Festival 2020 España Documentary 80 min In 2020, a young filmmaker walks following in Herzog ́s footsteps in an act of love to one of the best filmmakers of our time. Out of gallery SYNOPSIS In 1974 Werner Herzog walked from Munich to Paris, an act of faith to prevent the death of his mentor Lotte Eisner. In 2020, a young filmmaker walks following in Herzog ́s footsteps in an act of love to one of the best filmmakers of our time. A journey through villages, nature, loneliness and cold, looking for the meaning of filmmaking. Including fragments of the book "Of Walking in Ice" by legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog narrated by himself exclusively for the film, DEAR WERNER (Walking on cinema) is a We love cinema production, with the collaboration of La Cinémathèque Française and Werner Herzog FESTIVAL S Best Film Award Life in Shadows - ddc Best Documentary Nominated – Premios Feroz 2020 Audience Award Best Independent Film – ALCINE 38 Torino FFDOC


    9 SEVILLES Pedro G. Romero, Gonzalo García Pelayo, New Flamenco Doc, 157' - IndieLisboa & Seville Best Music Doc 2020 España Documentary 2h 27m ​ Out of gallery SYNOPSIS NUEVE SEVILLAS (NINE SEVILLES) is an immersion in a unique culture in a unique city—the music, dance and gitano culture of Seville, Spain today. NUEVE SEVILLAS is discursive, loose, beautiful, and remarkable, like the music itself. Nine people, nine characters of the city, nine literal walks through Seville, and a sweet trip into the flamenco art and dance world with which it is so closely linked. With the presence of a new generation of artists, the city and the flamenco are lending affection, conversations and gestures to each other, which we share over the film’s relaxed running time. NUEVE SEVILLAS portrays one unique city and nine people closely: perfect accomplices for this film in its rare mix of radicalism in form and rootedness to the city. FESTIVAL S 17th Sevilla European Film Festival (Best Nuevas Olas No Ficcion m Award); 22nd Bafici; 24th MIFF ; 18thIndieLisboa (Best Music Award); 40th Vancouver International Film Festival; IIFF Korea, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (Aug 21); In-Edit Barcelona (Nov 21) and Santiago Chile; Museo Reina Sofia Exposition. PRESSBOOK


    BLACK STAIN Enrique García, Epoque Thriller, 90' - FERATUM Best Ibero-American Film 2020 España Thriller 90 m As a film, 'La Mancha Negra' is a tragedy with echoes of Lorca, of Shakespeare not to mention Hitchcock's touch of suspense and the dry treatment of Tarantino's violence", Enrique Garcia, Director Out of gallery SYNOPSIS Early 70’s in a small, secluded Andalusian village. Deep tensions are reignited in the wake of the death of the elderly matriarch, Maria Cisneros, and the arrival of her long-gone son. As the struggling sisters prepare the funeral, a black stain involving the local priest re-surfaces. Facing the threat of destitution, exile, and rejection by neighbors, family power dynamics implode to a tragic end. Cast: Pablo Puyol, Virginia de Morata, Natalia Roig, Juanma Lara, Cuca Escribano. Alfonsa Rosso, Miguel Guardiola, Joaquín Nunez FESTIVAL S FESTIVALS: SEMINCI – Spanish Cinema; Festival de Malaga – Malaga Premier; LONESTART Film Festival , Texas, USA; Casares New Andalusian Film Festival; ACTRUM International Film Festival AWARDS: FERATUM – Michoacan Mexico, Best Ibero American Film 2021; CALELLA International Film Festival – Best Director – Enrique García; Saraqusta International Film Festival , Zaragoza – Best Actress (Natalia Roig). 26 Certamen Audiovisual de Cabra , Córdoba – Best Film; Best Director (Enrique Garcia); Best Actor (Pablo Puyol); Best Actress (Virginia DeMorata); Best Orignal Score (Jesús Calderón) and Cinematography Awards AWARDS (J.A. Crespillo); Granada International Film Festival – Best Film; Best Actress (Virginia de Morata); Jury Special Mention (Pablo Puyol); Best Original Music (Jesus Calderon); Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Esperanza San Juan); Costa del Sol Fantastic Film Fest – Best Original Score (Jesús Calderón) and Cinematography Awards (J.A: Crespillo); Alicante Film Festival – Best Actress (Virginia DeMorata); Andalusian Cinema Academy – Best New Actor (Igancio Nacho); ASECAN – Cine Andaluz – Best New Actor (Ignacio Nacho); Alicante Film Festival – Best Actress (Virginia de Morata); Lago de Iznajar IFF – Andalusian Face (Juanma Lara); REVIEWS: 34T Sales Expands Spanish Slate With ‘Black Stain’ - Variety ; Carol goes to Hong Kong Filmart! – The Cultural Gutter ; Η Μαύρη Κηλίδα (2020) ⋆ PRESSBOOK


    EMPTINESS Paul Venegas - Dramatic Thriller. 92' - Busan, Bafici Best Latin American Film, Oscar's Candidate by Ecuador, Platinum Awards Runner Up. 2020 Ecuador, Uruguay Thriller, Drama 92' "I see EMPTINESS as a film about the subconscious in all of us, where the eyes say much more than words. An emotional journey of a woman struggling to overcome a corrupted male dominated society". Paul Venegas, Director. “To emigrate is like jumping into emptiness” Out of gallery SYNOPSIS LEI and WONG arrive clandestinely in Ecuador. She has only one objective, to reach New York. In contrast, he longs to bring his son from China. But their fate is in the hands of CHANG, a bipolar gangster who becomes obsessed with her and will set them at a crossroad. Together they will fight for their freedom. EMPTINESS portrays the emotional experience of the migrant in search of their dreams and their struggle to preserve their dignity. FESTIVAL S NOMINATIONS: Ecuador Candidate to the Oscars ; Candidate to Best Fiction Film, Platino Awards ; FESTIVALS: Busan International Film Festival; Chicago Latin Film Festival; Osaka Film Festival; Cine Ceara Film Festival, Brazil; Cinemateca Film Festival, Uruguay. AWARDS: Best Ecuadorian Film , Guayaquil; Best Latin American Film BAFICI . PRESS: ‘Emptiness’: Busan Review | Reviews | Screen ( ‘Emptiness’ brings another language to Chicago Latino Film Festival - Chicago Sun-Times ( 'Collective,' 'Emptiness,' 'Héliopolis' Enter Oscar Race - Variety | Breaking News, Ecuador News, World, Sports, Entertainment » The filmmaker Paúl Venegas portrays the Chinese migration in his film ‘Empty’ FOLLOW US: @vaciopelicula (Facebook); @vaciopelicula (Instagram); @PeliculaVacio (Twitter) PRESSBOOK


    BAD FAMILY Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo - Enacted Urban Doc. 80' 2021 España Documentary Pendiente ​ Out of gallery SYNOPSIS AndrEs, a nervous kid, lives waiting for the trial of a crime that took place five years ago; though he is not guilty, he could still be sentenced to twelve years in prison. The trial's announcement brings his friend Nathanael back to the neighborhood, and this friend tries to help Andrés find his way to freedom. His return makes Andrés realize that to build a future, he must first face the past, and with it, a group of friends, crushed by the judicial process, must rely on each other like a family. FESTIVAL S D'A Barcelona 2021 (Special Screening)

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    About 34T (Thirst-for-thrill) is a boutique international sales agency and active coproducer. ​ We aim to bring enthralling, impactful content worth the audiences' time and promote strong narratives that bring commercial elements to independent productions. If broadcast and exploited correctly, we have developed a keen eye to attract curated titles with plenty of artistic and commercial value. At our 34T label, we focus on three axes: ​ 1. Genre movies incorporate vital thrill elements that will become favorites in drama, noir, and arenas. 2. Thrilling Sci-fi – focus on Sci-fi comedy films that take us to the gravity-free space afforded by a hint of good humor. 3. Humanitarian, our social, green, a sustainable element that sheds light on subjects of the world viewed from the window of good content that travels and love for music and literature. ​​ ​We work as partners, and our objective is to achieve 1. Artistic recognition for the director, talent, and production houses; 2. Engage the audiences through our outstanding, original story-telling proposals, and 3. Value for money generation for our partners and investors. ​ ​We offer dedicated services, and our unique selling points are transparency, access to talent, and innovative marketing. Our services include in-house technical and creative expertise, marketing, distribution, public financing. Equally, we can bring a suite of services, including VFX, MOCAP, actual studios space, and postproduction through Elamedia Estudios. ​ LET'S THRILL TOGETHER! Contact Us E- T- 13392061983 Submit Thanks for submitting!


    THAT WAS LIFE David Martín de los Santos - Drama, Coming of Age, Road Movie, 104' - Goya Nominee, TIFF Tokyo, TIFF Cluj, Cine Global Santo Domingo, remarkable festival run with several awards for Best Actress and Best First Director. 2020 España Fiction, Drama 1h 47m Maria's stable, retired life drastically changes when the condition of a young patient sharing a hospital room abruptly worsens. This road movie celebrates human dignity with the ageless possibilities of life. Out of gallery SYNOPSIS Two Spanish women from different generations coincide in a hospital room in Belgium. María (Petra Martínez) has been living there for decades after emigrating when she was young, and Verónica (Anna Castillo) is a girl recently arrived in search of opportunities she never found in Spain. A strange friendship is forged between them which will lead María to set out on a return journey to the south of Spain with an unusual mission. What begins as a journey in search of Verónica's roots will become an opportunity to question certain principles on which she had based her life. Cast: PETRA MARTÍNEZ (Solitary Fragments & Petra), ANNA CASTILLO (Icíar Bollaín’s THE OLIVE TREE), Florin Piersic Jr., Ramón Barea, Daniel Morilla, María Isabel Díaz, Pilar Gómez, Victoria Sáez, Annick Weerts, Christophe Miraval FESTIVAL S Spain National Cinema Academy Goya Runner-Up for Best Leading Actress and Best First Film; Platino Awards Candidate - Best Actress and Best First Film IFTA Accredited Festivals: 33rd TIFF-Tokyo (World Debut); Transylvania International Film Festival , Cluj, Romania; Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo , Domenican Republic; OFFICIAL SELECTION & SPECIAL SCREENINGS: 35th FilmFest DC , Washington, USA; D’A Film Festival , Barcelona 2021 (Special Screening); 50th Alcine Film Festival ; London Spanish Film Festival (Official Selection);SEMINCI 2021 (Special Screening); Latin Beats Film Festival , Japan; MUSOC- Asturias ; UPCOMING FESTIVALS: Rabat International Author Film Festival (upcoming in February 2022); Festival de Cinema Espagnol , Nantes, France (upcoming in March 2022); Festival de Cine Espanol y Latino Americano , Ajaccio, France (upcoming in March 2022); 28th ¡VIVA! SPANISH AND LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL (in March 2022); European Film Festival , Singapour (upcoming in May 2022). AWARDS: 17thSeville European Film Festival , Best Actress (Petra Martinez); ASECAN, Best Film & Best Actress (Petra Martinez) ; 20th Transylvania International Film Festival , Best Actress (Petra Martinez); Golden Rooster FF, China, Best Actress (Petra Martinez) ; 25thMalaga Film Festival ; (Special Screening); Biznaga Paradise City, Best International Career (Petra Martinez); Liverpool International Film Festival . Best Film of the Festival, Best Feature, Best Director and Actress; Festival de la crítica Cinematográfica de Caracas , Best Actress (Petra Martinez); FEROZ Press Critiques Award, Best Actress (P. Martinez); Cinehorizontes, Marseille FF, Audience Award, Youth Award, & Best Actress Award; Abycine, Best Movie & Best Young Acting Career (Anna Castillo); Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, Egypt, Best Actress (Petra Martinez) & Best Opera Prima (David de los Santos); CEC Medals , Best New Director (David Martin De Los Santos); Carmen del Cine Andaluz Film Awards , Best Acting Award (Petra Martínez), Best New Director Award (David Martin De Los Santos) XV Festival de Cine Inédito de Mérida , Youth Award; Almeria International Film Festival 2020 , 2nd Best First Film & Canal Sur Best Career (Petra Martinez); Tudela First Film Festival , Equality Award; Casares New Andalusian Context, Best Director (David Martin de los Santos); QUOTES: A rapturously moving debut." SCREEN DAILY; "A gem" HARPER'S BAZAAR; "Surprising and deeply moving" THE PLAYLIST; “Heartbreakingly tender." ELLE; "An actress in a state of grace." CINEMANIA; "An illuminating glimmer about the possibility of reinventing oneself." CINEUROPA; "Fantastic", ECARTELERA; “Resounding success both for the depth of its story and for the liveliness of its characters" VAVEL PRESSBOOK